URA Winner!

City Bookstore

English: Reading and Literature

It turns out that today's a pretty lucky day at the bookstore: a famous author is visiting to promote her latest novel! You decide to ask her about the process she uses to write her books.

"Well, darling, I find I spend the bulk of my time considering emotions. Once I have a basic outline of the events that are to take place--and these days, most of those decisions are made by the publisher--I spend hours carefully considering every word I write. I try to paint a certain picture in your head, not just of sights and sounds, but also of emotions. I aim to convey both how the characters are feeling and how you, the reader, should feel as well."

You hadn't thought about it that way before. You wonder if a more emotional mindset could help you on the URA English section.

"Of course! Whenever you read a passage, put yourself in my shoes. Why did I choose the words I did? What feeling was I trying to convey? Oh, and would you like an autographed copy of my latest work?"

You suppose that answers the question of which book to buy.