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City Bookstore

English: Reading and Literature

Where better to learn about the English language than the local bookstore? And what better bookstore than the Examination Island City Bookstore?

As you enter the store, you see shelves filled with different types of books. In one section, there's a selection of romance novels. In another, self-help guides. You wonder what type of book would best help you prepare for the Undergraduate Readiness Assessment.

You've heard that grammar and style manuals can be useful resources. The stories used on the exam often contain references to classic works. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to read a poetry anthology, too; even if you can't always grasp the deeper meaning, it's at least helpful to get familiar with common meters and rhyme schemes. A good mystery novel could help recharge your batteries after a long study session. And the "test prep" section is always pretty popular this time of year.

You conclude that it's probably best to read a wide variety of books. Really, the important thing is that you're reading at all.