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The following is an abridged excerpt from a recent local news story.

Surprise and mild amusement gripped the residents of Examination Island today as local police discovered a crate containing hundreds of rubber ducks at the bottom of Opportunity Bay.

Police say they believe the crate fell out of a delivery truck during the Achievement Bridge disaster last month. No additional charges related to the ducks have been filed.

Local fisherman Hardy Stevens says he's happy the source of the ducks has finally been located. "I'd been wondering where all those little guys came from; almost thought it was the PVC bait I was using!"

The Environmental Committee reminds all residents to dispose of their trash in appropriate receptacles, not by dumping it into bodies of water.
Q1: Which organizational style is used in this piece?
inverted pyramid
anecdotal lead top line up front narrative
Q2: What fact can reasonably be inferred from the use of the word "additional" in the second paragraph? The police had already filed some charges related to the ducks.
Crates of rubber ducks had previously been found in other bodies of water.
The Achievement Bridge disaster involved criminal activity. The word "additional" serves to connect the two statements in the paragraph.
Q3: Which word would be an appropriate replacement for "gripped" in the first paragraph? beset grasped throttled
had friction with
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