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Practice AssessmentMathematics Section

(You are allowed to use an approved graphing calculator on this section.)

Q1: The city of Petersburg charges 5.3% sales tax. If someone in Petersburg pays $17.06 for an item after applying a 20% coupon (which applies only to the original price of the item and not the sales tax), how much did the item cost originally? Round to the nearest cent. $67.43
$22.51 Not enough information provided
Q2: Which of the following equations describes an ellipse with a major radius of 4 and a minor radius of 2? 16x² – y² = 4 x² / 2 + y² / 4 = 1
x² / 4 – y² / 16 = 1
4x² + y² = 16
Q3: A triangle ABC has side length AB = 2 and angle measure <BAC = 31 degrees. Which of the following pieces of information would be sufficient to derive the side lengths AC and BC? The angle measure <ACB
The side length AC
The perimeter of the triangle No additional information is needed to derive the side lengths
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