URA Winner!

Good Times Club

Having a Good Time with Friends

When you saw it on the map, you weren't really sure what kind of club the Good Times Club was. A nightclub? A comedy club? One of those school groups that collects money from the student council to spend on parties and gasoline? A stick you hit people over the head with if they aren't smiling enough?

You step inside and take a look around. It appears to be a bar of some sort; people are sitting on stools, drinking and talking to one another. How could a place like this possibly help you prepare for the Undergraduate Readiness Assessment, you wonder?

Suddenly, a man turns to you and his eyes light up. "Oh, hey! How's the exam stuff going?"

It's possible the two of you have met before, but you're having trouble remembering how or where.

"Aw, c'mon, you don't recognize me? From the alley outside the bookstore. Here, pull up a chair, get an orange juice for something, I dunno."