URA Winner!

Test Post

English and the News

The reporter's phone goes off, and she looks at it. "Oh, it seems I'm needed at the editing desk. Mind if we walk and talk?"

You suppose you don't see anything wrong with that. The two of you head out from her office.

"So, I guess that's actually a good segue into the next part of the journalistic process: editing. Once we've written our piece, we hand it off to editors to double-check. They make sure we've gotten our facts right, correctly attributed our sources, avoided little typos and grammar mistakes, all of that sort of thing. After that, Legal signs off—" she rolls her eyes a little at that one "—the typesetters arrange it on the page, our big printing press puts ink to paper, and then it lands on your doorstep in the morning!

One of the editors flags her down, and the two of them whisper to each other. You aren't sure what exactly they're talking about, but it seems important.

"Uh, kid, you... probably shouldn't be here for this, actually. Mind if we cut it short here?"

The reporter's already been a huge help. You thank her for her time and head out.