URA Winner!

Science Museum

Mathematics in Science

The Examination Island Science Museum has one exhibit that particularly catches your eye.

It's a series of murals along one wall of the building. In the first, a caveman bangs two rocks together to create a fire. In another, a Roman general watches water flow through a series of conduits. "Some say they're what makes us who we are," a sign says. "Others merely believe they are essential to the success of the human race. Still, no one can argue their Earth-shattering importance."

The murals continue down a hallway; you follow them. A construction worker carves up the sidewalk with a jackhammer. Alexander Graham Bell speaks into an early telephone. A toddler proudly holds up a fork.

What connection do all of these images have with each other, you wonder? How could they all be of such importance? In truth, what is the secret of humans' success?

Hanging high above the exhibit, gigantic letters spell out the answer...