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The following is a paragraph from a draft of a student's persuasive essay about transportation. It contains errors.

Another reason why you should not drive a car is, that it is bad for the environment. A report by National Geographic said, "Vehicles are America’s biggest air quality compromisers, producing about one-third of all U.S. air pollution." In other words, driving a car produces smoke that can make it hard for Americans to breathe. Air pollution can lead to lung cancer, death and other illnesses. I think this is a very important reason not to drive cars.
Q1: Which of the following issues weakens the argument made in this paragraph? (Select the most correct answer.)
National Geographic is not a primary source for information about air pollution.
The third sentence implies that pollution only affects Americans, not people from other countries. The assertion made in the fourth sentence is not supported by the quote. "I think" is not an appropriate phrase to use in the final sentence.
Q2: Which meaning of the word "compromise" is used in the second sentence? trade-off; sacrifice breach security or protocols
make worse; weaken
accept low standards
Q3: Which of the following excerpts from the paragraph contains a punctuation error?
"lung cancer, death and other illnesses"
"drive a car is, that it is bad" "National Geographic said, 'Vehicles are...'" "a very important reason not to drive cars."
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