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Mathematics in Science

On the Mathematics section of the Undergraduate Readiness Assessment, you'll have a tool of your own: an approved graphing calculator.

Approved graphing calculators include the Texas Instruments 80 series, the Casio FX-6000 series, and the Hewlett-Packard 39/40 series. Calculators with infrared data transmission functionality, QWERTY or Dvorak keypad layouts, color displays, or flash memory modules greater than four megabytes in size are not permitted. If you have any questions about the calculators permitted on the URA, consult your school's mathematics faculty.

Make sure your calculator's batteries are fully charged before test day. You are also allowed to bring one set of spare batteries, or a spare calculator to use in the event of malfunctions, if you so choose.

While practicing, you should use the same calculator that you plan to use on the Assessment if possible. Try to become familiar with its button layout and menu system. And if all else fails, remember that every problem on the URA is designed to be solvable without the aid of a calculator.