URA Winner!

Good Times Club

Having a Good Time with Friends

He's right, you suppose. Many social skills are best learned through real-world experience. Still, you wonder if there's anything specific you should be doing to help prepare.

"You're here talking to me, doesn't that count as a real-world experience? Heh, but seriously, I guess I'd also keep in mind what sort of person the URA wants you to be. You ever seen one of those romance movies where the guy's all polite, caring, outgoing, nice to everyone? Try to be that guy."

You've always thought it was best to be who you really were. There's room in the world for all sorts of different people.

"Yeah, you've got it, that's exactly what he'd sound like! Just remember that there's a big difference between tolerating antisocial people and actually being one yourself. One of those will get you a lot further with colleges than the other. And, look, nobody's asking you to actually change who you are. Worst-case scenario, you've just gotta pretend while you're filling in little bubbles for an hour and a half. That's it."