URA Winner!

Test Post

English and the News

It's a busy day at the offices of the Test Post newspaper. Sure, the daily publication is responsible for covering every newsworthy event that takes place on Examination Island, but today it seems especially hectic. Everyone's scurrying back and forth across the office, yelling at each other and barely stopping to take breaths.

You're here today to meet a reporter who offered to talk to you about how news articles are written, but it would be hard to find anyone in all of this hustle and bustle! Eventually, though, you make it to her office and knock on the door. "Ah, there you are!" she says, "Come in! Sorry about all the noise out there."

Is it always this busy here?, you ask.

"Well, today's a pretty big day for news, actually. The mayor's been brought in on corruption charges. But, uh, I'm not really able to discuss the details of the allegations until Legal signs off on the piece. You know how it is."

Right, of course.