URA Winner!

City Bookstore

English: Reading and Literature

You head to the cash register to pay for your new book. The cashier asks what brings you to town, and you respond that you're studying for the URA. You ask if she has any advice for the English section.

"Well," she says, "I never managed to do too hot on my exams. That's kinda why I've been working as a cashier at a tiny bookstore for thirty years.

"But I've heard the most important thing is to read critically. You have to read between the lines and look at not just what the author is directly telling you, but what they're telling you by omission."

By omission?, you ask.

"Yeah, like what they're telling you by not telling you, you know? Vocabulary is pretty important, too."

You resolve to take the cashier's advice to heart, lest you end up like she did.