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Good Times Club

Having a Good Time with Friends

"So, how's it going?" the man asks. "Feeling ready for the exam?"

You tell him you've got one more place to visit once you're done here, but you're feeling alright.

"Sure, sure. So you're here for, what, 'social studies'? They still sending kids to the etiquette school for that one? That instructor sure is a piece of work, I tell ya."

If you're being honest, you aren't sure you got the most you could out of your visit to the Etiquette School.

"Trust me, pal, no one does. But frankly, that part of the test is mostly just to make sure you're a decent person. Do you know how to order food at a restaurant, can you at least pretend to be considerate of other people, basic stuff like that. Either you've got it or you don't, and if you haven't gotten it by your age, you're probably a lost cause. I wouldn't worry about it either way."